Floral Nail Designs!


Hi everybody! So in a few days I’m going to a birthday party. They asked to help the other girls do there nails and of course I said yes. I asked them what colour and what design. They all said pastel and floral which inspired me to show you guys different ways to make a floral mani. All these nail designs are inspired by the Youtube channel CutePolish. Also today is Earth Day, so it fit to do something to do with the planets natural beauty. Hope you enjoy!

The first take on a floral design is a washed flower pattern. Start by painting your nails a light blue. Then take a purple polish and a peach colour. Make random swatches on your nail. Don’t let them touch and only do 2-3. Then taking a small black dotting tool, make a few black dots in the middle to create the seeds. Get a striper and dip in green polish. Make a few leaves on the sides of the flowers. To fill in the empty space, add a few gold studs. Add a fast drying topcoat to seal in the design and the studs. There you go!


The next nail design involves temporary tattoos. This is a great technique because you can use it with any temporary tattoo you want. Start by painting your nails a white until there opaque. Then cut your temporary tattoos into the rough shape of your nail. Make sure is bigger then your nail, not smaller. Peel off the backing of your tattoo and then completely cover it in rubbing alcohol. Let it soak for about 15 seconds then apply strait to the nail. Press it on for 40 seconds or until you can peel the side and the tattoo sticks. Take off the paper and apply a fast dying topcoat. Peel off the possible excess tattoo that may be on your finger. That’s the next design finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys try these. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!



A Few New Nail Polishes!


Hi everybody! So, yesterday I went to Shoppers Drug Mart looking for more Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish. The store I went to didn’t have any and I didn’t want to drive all the way to the next one. I decided to browse what they did have and I found some really cute colours. Hope you enjoy!

The first colour I got was “Suite Retreat” by Essie. I’m pretty sure this is new because I haven’t seen it before. Its a beautiful purply blue. When I picture a movie scene in the rain this is this is the colour of the umbrella. I have fair skin and blond hair and this colour looks gorgeous. Its pigmentation is great. You only need one smooth coat.

The next colour was #340 “Mint Sorbet” by Sally Hanson’s X-treme wear collection. This colour looks absolutely gorgeous and its so cute for spring, I paired it with “Suite Retreat”  by Essie to created a look that matched the dress I was wearing. This colour looks amazing on its own but I used it as an accent nail. If you do choose to wear this on its own there’s one important tip. Make sure you remove all the polish off the sides of your cuticles. Seeing another colour on the sides ruins a pastel mani.

The last colour I got in this mini haul was “Cream Soda” by Ciate’s Paint Pot collection. Its a muted light grey with great pigmentation. It goes really well with the 2 colours I mentioned above. You need about 2 coats which isn’t bad. The reason I bought all these colours were because they all went really well together. Its so pretty, and really subtle if you don’t want to go for something like a neon. The packages is also really cute, which shouldn’t matter but it made it a lot more appealing.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Also thanks so much to the people who have been commenting. Its really nice to hear that you guys like my website. Leave recommendations for nail polish in the comments below. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

60 Second Rimmel Review!

untitled139Hi everybody! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while but my family has a load of birthdays in April so it was one cake after the other. Also Easter happened and since my family knows me so well I received a lot of new polishes. By now I’ve tried most of them, so I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you. Right now I’m only going to talk about one polish but stay tuned for when I post next. Hope you enjoy!

The nail polish/brand I’ll talk about is Rimmel. The 60 second nail polishes are absolutely stunning and can get you out the door with a full mani in 1 minute. The specific colour I’ve tried is “Blindfold Me Blue”. The other colours in this picture are from Left to Right: “Pillow Talk”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Blindfold Me Blue”, and “Midnight Rendezvous”. I’d had heard about these before but never thought about the appeal. My aunt purchased it for me and I have to say its some of my favourite formulas ever as so the brush shape. I am going to look for more shades so let me know in the comments below what shades you guys like. Anyway, the colour I have is a gorgeous electric blue. It really eye catching and it easily stands out in any outfit. The consistency is great, and the brush size and shape is fantastic.

Thank you guys so much for reading. As I said before make sure to leave you favourite shades (Of any brand) down in the comments. This week try to comment your fave Rimmel shades. Also I will now post usually one a week is not more. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!



Monthly Favourites!


Hi everybody! So since yesterday was the last day of March, I thought I would upload something I’ve never done before. I’ve decided to do Monthly Favourites! So, every month I’ll tell you guys things I’ve been loving. I’ll be showing you guys 5 things that I’ve been enjoying this past month. Or more depending on how much new stuff I’ve tried. I’ll show you stuff  that’s Fashion, Books, or anything else. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing I want to mention is a book called “Girl Online”. The book is by Zoe Sugg or “Zoella” on YouTube. The main characters name is Penny and she has an anonymous blog. I wont spoil but she gets cyberbullied, and the whole book is how she overcomes the not so great attention. Its a really good read and an easy book to get back into reading. I got out of the habit of reading, but when I read this book it made me want to read more. Its about 1000 pages, but its really not that intense.

Another thing I want to mention is a store I’ve been loving. This store is called Sephora. They actually have one in my local mall which is pretty cool. I love the wide selection they have and how friendly and helpful the staff are. They have really great products and things  haven’t seen anywhere else. Its a really nice environment, and even though they sell nail polish and have lots of testers, it doesn’t smell of chemicals. That’s also another thing I like about it. They have lots of testers, so you can try things to make sure you like it before you buy it.

The next thing I have been loving is smoothies. These are perfect for the morning, and they taste really nice. What I do is I’ll throw any frozen fruit, with yogurt, orange juice, and bananas into my Nutri-Bullet. I’ll then pour it into a tall cup with a lid so I can take it all around with me. Its perfect for getting up in the morning, and its really healthy and nutritious. Also let me know in the comments below if you want to see a smoothie recipe some time soon.

The next thing I’d like to mention is a fashion item. The store I got it from is called Suzy Shier. In Canada especially where I live, there’s lots of snow and the wind is freezing. All you have to do is turn on a Canadian weather station, and you’ll practically freeze wherever you are. Anyway, to help me “survive” this winter I needed a winter coat. I went to Suzy Shier and they had beautiful coats. The one I chose was a bright orange that was almost red, but not quite. Its so soft on the inside and the hood is nice and snug. Its a really good coat, and the colour goes well with my blond hair.

The last major thing I’ve been loving this month is some jewelry. I’ve been loving rings lately as well as necklaces. The rings I’ve been loving aren’t actually the ones I’ve been wearing, but these look really cute and quite similar. These go nicely with every outfit and the gold as well as silver looks really cute and nice together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope you liked hearing about what new things I’ve been loving this month. Make sure to also read my “Top 3 Nail Polishes”. I’ll list 3 top monthly nail polishes and that will be going up soon. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!



Mixed Nail Polish Haul!


Hi everybody! So yesterday I did a bit of shopping at Target. They had a small selection of nail polish and pretty much everything else. They had lots of Essie, Nicole by OPI, and Sally Hanson, and Revlon.’ I got a few that I’d like to talk about. Hope you enjoy!

The first nail polish I got was Nicole by OPI “Pick Of The Glitter”. This has copper and dark turquoise hexagonal glitter. Its a really pretty colour and it shines in the light. It also has smaller off-white pieces that make the amber tone stand out. It has a really nice finish and the consistency is great. It goes on really smooth and well over grey, black, and white. It also gives any polish you wear with it, an ambery/firey glow. Its really pretty and I’ve never seen it anywhere before.

The next polish I got was Sally Hansen’s “Glare Necessities”. It has a really purple, black, and white glitters. The Sally Hansen brush size isn’t normally my favourite, as it drags and smudges polish, but in a glitter polish it picks up just the right amount. The consistency is good, and so is the pigmentation. It gives a nice glow and it almost seems to brighten whites. Its also as super cute packaging which makes it that much better.

The next polish I got was Essie’s “Tuck In My Tux”. This is a really pretty pastel pink that’s pretty much a white. The pigmentation is not so great but with a few thin coats, it can be built up. Its a really pretty rose colour that goes well with light blue. The brush size is a standard Essie brush, and its standard in all nail polish as well. As I’ve said before, I actually prefer the regular brush size over any other type.

The last polish I got was Revlon’s “Rain Forest”. “Rain Forest” is a really dark swampy green. Its an emerald colour that has such a high pigment it can be worn on its own. It takes about 2 thick coats to get the polish opaque and shiny. It goes really well with black accents as that’s it primary colour. In contrast, it goes well white, cream, and grey. It has a really nice shine and beautiful fine glitter. Also the shape of the lid makes it easy to grip, which makes it easier to get the polish where you want it.

The last polish I got on my mini-shopping spree was a essence colour named “Hello Rosy”. To me this polish looks like a strawberry & banana smoothie. It has a really nice finish and a sandy texture. When you apply it ad let it dry, it feels like sand. The texture is similar to sugar polish. It has a really nice peachy pink colour and it has small red fine pieces in it. The brush size is similar to Sally Hansen’s but its thicker which I’m not a fan of. This polish is also very gloopy and its hard to get a thin coat of it as it sticks together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. All these polishes are super cute and perfect for spring. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Revlon’s Moon Candy!


Hi everybody! So, today I went to Target. They have sales up to 90% off. They had a really limited nail polish stash but I was able to make it out with a few things. Things were really dirt cheap. I got 3 duo nail polish that I have spoke about before. They are Revlons 2 in 1’s. They have a new line of them called “Moon Candy” and I’m so excited to try. Hope you enjoy!

The first polish I got and the first picture to your left is called “Milky Way”. It has a dark milky grey that has a wet looking finish even when its dry. Its really cool and a finish I haven’t seen many places. Is quite unique and hard to find in a grey polish. Then on the other side is has a triangular holographic topcoat. Its not shown well in the picture, but when you turn it in the light it shows a rainbow of colours. Its absolutely gorgeous, and looks really classy. It goes on really smooth, with no lumps. I’ve mentioned this a million times but, sometimes a glitter polish can be really lumpy and gooey. With this polish its the exact opposite.

The next polish which is the picture in the middle is called “Supernova”. Its a really pretty gold with orange and amber undertones. It has the same grey as a “Milky Way” So I feel the same way about it. The gold glitter on the other side gives it a completely different look. Its looks really grown-up and it could go with so many outfits. Its orangy/amber with gold triangles as well. Its so gorgeous an when the lights hits the glitter its an outstanding look. It glides on so well, and the consistency is so smooth, and glossy.

The last duo I got is the last picture to your right. Its called “Orbit”. On one side its a really pretty deep purple. Its the perfect spring colour without being really bright and springy. Its a gorgeous dark lilacy colour. Its so smooth and eay to apply. I find Revlon has a really great consistency. Then on the other side it has a gorgeous foiled glitter. I literally looks like tin-foil is in the polish. It shines gorgeous blue and purple hues. Looking at this polish you can totally see why they called the range “Moon Candy”.

Thank you guys for reading this post. All these polishes look so amazing together. They suit each colour perfectly. Your could totally mix and match with black, blue, and other nail polish colours. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Spring DIY Ideas!


Hi everybody! So, since spring is on the way I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some tips for sprucing up your room or home. These are super easy. cute, and cheap ways to make any room more “springy”. Hope you enjoy!

The first DIY idea is a spring wreath. This is perfect for hanging on your bedroom door, your wall, or anywhere else that needs some spring colour. Start by finding template for your wreath. You want your wreath to be as round as possible so its important to start with a circle. Try to find as many different pieces and colours of tissue paper you can. As many patterns, colours, shapes, and sizes you could find makes the best looking wreath. Also to add a modern-ness to you wreath, try adding a fake flower to a corner. Take your wreath and cover it in glue sections at a time. Fold your tissue paper a few times s3o it looks blocky and opaque. Tissue paper can look quite translucent but you want it to look like paper. Keep adding tissue paper until your wreath is more  then full. Twist up tissue paper and add coloured cardstock cut into shapes. You can add little fake flowers and loads of things springy. Your wreath should be so many different colours and designs. This idea is really fun and it looks really cool on a door (or somewhere outside).

The next idea is a cork jewelry holder. Start by getting a picture frame that you like. Find one with a cute border that stands out in colour and design. Then using chalkboard paint (which by the way is like my favourite thing) paint the piece of cardboard that comes in the frame. Then find some corks. They sell them at Home-Sense, Target, and Home Outfitters. Anyway, take super glue and glue the corks to the board. Leave space between the corks. Glue them any way you like. You could even make a heart out of the corks. Then hang your frame on the wall. Pin your earrings into the cork and hang bracelets, necklaces, and rings on the remaining corks. This looks really cool on a wall or on a table. There’s so many ways you can change this idea to make it different and unique to what you like.

The last DIY super cute briefcase pin board. Start by finding an old briefcase. Your Dad/Mom or family member might have an old one from work. Take the briefcase apart into the 2 sides. Use a screwdriver if it has screws or ask someone else to help you. Then depending on what colour you want your pin board to be, paint it accordingly. Find some scrapbook paper that you really like the pattern of. Cut your paper into the shape of your briefcase. Stick the paper to the briefcase with stick glue. Make sure if your using more then one piece of paper, line up the pattern to make it look seamless. Then using StickyTabs stick your briefcase on the wall. Briefcases already have cork on the inside so your good to go. Pin up cute pictures, quotes, and other things that all look cute together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below if you like the DIYs. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!



Dinner And A Movie Nail Polish Designs!


Hi everybody! So, a while back I did a “Dinner and a Movie outfit ideas” post. Since then I wanted to give you guys some ideas of nail designs you could wear with the outfits. These nail designs are slightly harder then the nail tutorials I usually do, but there definitely not impossible. They are all super cute and movie themed. Hope you enjoy!

The first nail design I want to show you is an old-style film strip. Start by painting your nail a few coats of white polish. My current favourite white is “Snow Me White” bye Sinful Colours. Then taking a striper dipped in a black polish, paint a large slightly wavy line on your middle finger. Make a similar line beneath it and fill in between the lines. Then do the exact same thing on all your nails but not your ring finger. That’s including your thumb. I find it’s easiest to start in the middle, so you can get the film strip exactly where you want it. Let that completely dry. Then taking a tooth pick dipped in gold polish, make a thick square every-so-often. Between your squares, make a line across the whole strip of grey polish. The easiest way to do this is with a striper. Wait for your design to completely dry, before adding a topcoat as there’s nothing worse then smudging your design. On your ring finger, dot 2 dots at the top of your nail. Then taking a striper, make a square and a camera lens. Also make 2 lines beneath that for a stand. Then taking thicker striper, make a loop that faces the film. Then add more topcoat on top to seal in the design.

The last nail design is popcorn in an old-fashion striped box. Start by painting all your nails a light grey. On your ring finger, take a large dotting tool, and dotting 3 large dots across your nail. Make sure all your dots are touching. Full in all the space underneath the dots with white polish. Let that dry completely. Then taking a red striper, make vertical lines only on the white. Try to space them out as fairly as possible so it looks like a really print. Then using a light buttercup yellow, make dots in a semi-triangular way up to the top of your nail. Then taking a slightly darker yellow striper, make little half circles on the right side of all the popcorn pieces. This will make your design look more real, and it will also give it more dimension. Then if you want to, I thought it was really cute to put a smiley face one the box using a black striper and dotter. Let your whole design dry before you apply your topcoat. This design has a lot of small detail, so it’s important to make sure you have a good amount of topcoat on your brush. That way, you wont be dragging your nail polish brush over you design.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thanks for all the good feedback I’ve been getting. It’s so nice to hear that people enjoy what I’m writing. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Formula X Nail Polish!


Hi everybody! So, since a few days ago was the first day of spring I thought I would upload a quick blog post. We just went to Orlando Florida Mall where I went into Sephora (which I’ve been wanting to go to forever) and checked out there Formula X nail polish line. I painted my nails, then tucked into a Barns and Nobles for some WiFi and Starbucks lemonade. I used my Formula X polish, so I have a few things to say. Hope you enjoy!

The colours I used were “Spirited” and “Spark”. If you’ve seen these polishes before then you might be thinking its a weird combo. Yes, it’s kinda different but I really liked it. “Spirited” is one of the newest additions to there collection. It’s a really pretty super pale orange that looks gorgeous on my nails. The pigmentation is really, really great. Even for a pastel colour it’s hard to get a good pigmentation. This polish was even more pigmented then some bright colours I’ve seen. As far as brush size, it’s quite standard. There’s nothing great about it, and nothing horrible either. I do really like standard brushes though, because there so thin you can get every part of your nail.

The other colour I got was “Spark”. This colour is a glittered amber topcoat. There are large hexagonal glitters, as well as smaller circular ones. I really like this topcoat as its not too lumpy or goopy. I find topcoats like this can become really dry and lump together. The topcoat goes on smoothly, without any lumps. Another thing about this topcoat that I really like is that normally with glitter I find as you drag the brush down the nail you tend to scoop up the glitter as you go, then all the glitter is at the top of your nail instead of being spread out. This polish is easily spread out evenly all over the nail. I’m really empresses by this brand and I highly recommend.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review of some American nail polish. Happy Spring, and I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Floral, Crochet, Fringing, and Tassels Outfit Ideas!



Hi everybody! This summer/spring floral print, crochet knits, and tassels are going to be huge. Just looking into a high-end store right now, you can defiantly tell that it’s going to be huge this season. So, I thought I’d give you guys some ideas on how to incorporate these items into cute fashion choices. Without further a due, Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit idea is floral shorts with a tasseled kimono. The short I chose were actually in my “Spring Haul”. There navy blue with teal, pink, and light orange flowers. The kimono I chose was a darkish turquoise. The tassels were also turquoise. The top I wore underneath my kimono was a light pink to match the flowers on my shorts. For shoes I went with plain strappy black sandals. For jewelry I didn’t wear any because i thought this outfit was busy enough.

Te next outfit idea is a crocetquet crop-top tank-top with light blue skinny jeans. The skinny jeans I chose were light denim, and we’re slightly frayed on the front. The crop-top I chose was a light grey. It’s had quite a low front as well as a low back, so I chose to wear it with a similar colour bando top. For shoes I chose raspberry coloured flip-flops. For jewelry I chose raspberry bangles and a gold necklace with a raspberry coloured pendant.

The next outfit idea is floral t-shirt, skater skirt, and a fringed bag. The floral t-shirt I chose was simple with a cream front and small pastel flowers. the skated skirt I chose was also cream. It’s was cream pleather. The fringed bag a chose was brown with a long strap that went across the body. It was relatively small, with one large pocket in the middle. It has long fringed pieces coming down the front, and back of the purse. I chose I long thin double gold chain for a necklace, and for my wrists I wore a few gold bangles. For shoes I thought it looked cute with small light grey flats.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope it gave you some ideas and inspiration for some cute spring outfits. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!