Birthday Haul!

Hi everybody! So I haven’t posted in a long time, and my birthday was on the 26th of July. I got lots of cool stuff that I’d love to share with you guys herunterladen zoom app. Also I’ve loved all the comments on my blog. Hearing you guys saying that you love my posts means so much. Anyway, Hope you enjoy!


So the first thing I got was some Essie nail polish download audi simulator for free. As you all know by now Essie is one of my favourite brands. My brother got me their new Gel like finish topcoat which is great. It makes the colour pop and shine tremendously herunterladen. It says its only good with Essie Colours but I’ve used it on Sinful Colours, OPI, an Joe Fresh. It all works the same. He also knew that I needed a new purple, and what better purple then Essie’s “Play-Date” 4 elemente 2 vollversion kostenlosen. Its a bit deeper than a lavender, which is perfect for back-to-school.

Keeping on the topic of Nails my sister got me “Chillato” which is from Essie’s Summer 2015 collection herunterladen. Its a creamy lemon and lime colour that is close to a white. Its consistency is a little goopy, but the colour is definitely worth it if you want a bit more of a challenge onenote for free. I also received a set of “Impress by Broadway” stick on nails. They have an adhesive tab so all you have to do is peel the sticker. No glue needed, which is great because some nail glues can be damaging gmx alle anhänge downloaden. My print was a black and white giraffe print with gold shimmer, which isn’t usually my style but while I was away we were at a waterpark and every girl there complemented me Download tomtom update for free.


Moving on to some of the more random things, my Mum and Dad got me a ring stand herunterladen. I have a lot of rings and they look gorgeous on the stand. They look just like they were in a jewelry store. She also got me tons of rings from Old Navy which I highly recommend since the designs are great and the quality is also good free antivirus herunterladen. My other brother got me a very cute set of temporary tattoos. There are metallic ones and they come in turquoise, gold, silver, and bronze. I absolutely love them for bracelets, because I hate the feeling of regular bracelets. The only thing I’ll wear on my wrist is a watch.

To wrap things up I’ll mention a few fashion items. Since I’m still in school I received loads of great back to school items. I love the look of jeans but whenever I wear them I find it so uncomfortable! Instead I wear stretchy pants that look like jeans. I love the look of darker denim as it suits me better. I also got lots of sweaters, since winter is coming up and in Canada it gets really cold. I got a swampy green one which is surprisingly cute, a light pink, and a blue that reminds me of Essie’ “Mint Candy Apple”.

So that’s most of the stuff I got for my birthday. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’ll try to post as often as I can from now on. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!


April Favourites!


Hi everybody musik download youtube kostenlos legal online! So today I thought I would mention a few things I’ve been loving in April. I haven’t been loving that much new stuff but I figured I would do it anyway gigaset quicksync download for free. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing I’ve been loving is a nail polish. The polish is by Pure Ice. Its a beautiful hot pink, but its not too in your face party musik herunterladen. These polishes don’t have names or numbers that I can see, but there aren’t many colours in the range. Its a great formula and it lasts long without chipping herunterladen. All nail polishes eventually chip, and when it does it fixes well. When you apply a lite polish to wherever chipped, it blends together well and looks like a new mani download linux mint 19.

The next thing I’ve been loving is lip balm. the brand its by is Aquafina. That’s a bottled water brand too, so I was surprised to see they carried lip balm herunterladen. My friend gave it to me and I absolutely love it. Its a nice consistency that’s really moisturizing but not too sticky. It really coats your lips and seals them in videos von orf tvthek downloaden mac. It soaks in really fast and covers up any blisters and cuts on your lips. My favourite flavour is “Citrus Orange”.

The next thing I’ve been loving is and app cyberghost vpn. I’m sure your all familiar with it but I thought I’d mention it anyway. The app is called “Crossy Road”. I highly recommend downloading it since its free, so you have nothing to lose Download draw a stickman epic 2 for free. Its really fun and easy to play. My high score is 456.



The next thing I’ve been loving this month is a instrument access testversion download kostenlos. Its the guitar. I’ve never been able to play the guitar, and its always been really hard to learn. I played Piano and Flute instead. My mom recently got something to help you learn. Its called cord buddy. You attach it to your guitar and press buttons instead of cords. Once you get used to the sounds and cords your ready to go. It came in the mail in 3 days which is great service. I highly recommend.

untitled163The last thing I’ve been loving is a nail polish. I’ve talked about this plenty times before but its a really good one. Its Essie’s “Penny Talk”. Its a shiny bronze shades that dry’s in seconds. It goes on in one coat and the brush is great. The consistency is perfect and its almost a neutral, but its shiny and so pretty. I highly recommend. For my readers in Canada, my friends told me that you can now buy Essie in the Dollar Store! It might no be true, but that would be awesome. I’ll check it out over the weekend, and let you guys know. Essie’s more expensive so a cheaper version would be great.

Thanks so much for reading.  Sorry that this monthly favourites is a little late this time. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!




Shopping Haul!


Hi everybody herunterladen! So as I said before I went to a birthday party. We went to the local mall and I have got a few things. All of these items together added up to 40$. The prices might be different wherever you live considering I live and pay in Canadian dollars adobe flash player for free for windows xp. Anyway, I’m trying to add more and bigger pictures to the blog but let me know what you think. So, Hope you enjoy!

The first place we went was Bath and Body Works Download adventure games for free. I really like there hand sanitizers, and they all smell so great. They have a deal for 2 for 5$ so I got “Hawaiian Hibiscus” “Sunshine Lemons” and “Georgia Peach” wie kann ich musik downloaden. “Hawaiian Hibiscus” is the nicest most subtle floral scent I’ve ever smelled. I was tempted to buy the perfume but I didn’t want to waist all my money itunes film wil niet download. “Georgia Peach” smells like what those little cans of syrup peaches taste like. The actual sanitizer itself is really great. It has small blue exfoliates that makes your hands really soft hoe kan je microsoft office gratis downloaden. “Sunshine Lemons” is a strong citrus scent.

The next place we went to was Lush. I’m always really hesitant in Lush because I’m not really one for glitter (in the bath) wavepad kostenlos downloaden. For Christmas though, my sister got me a bath bomb called “Honey Bee”. Its nice and a subtle not so over powering scent. I got that one again and I believe it was 5.45$ herunterladen. It makes my skin really soft and it creates a lot of bubbles as well.

The next place we went to was Sephora. I was absolutely obsessed with “Spirited” and “Spark from one of my Florida hauls herunterladen. I had to go back again and I found a beautiful colour. The colour I got was “Incisive”. Its like Spirited but once shade darker. I didn’t really need it considering I already had Spirited but it was really cute and that sold it for me filmen ipad gratis. Its really pigmented but it goes on a bit streaky. It took me 3 coats but it wasn’t that big a deal. I would still highly recommend this polish and this brand.

untitled153The next store we went to was Claire’s. I was kind of shocked at how over priced a lot of stuff was. Although, I did still by a few things. The first thing I got was a duo of necklaces. It was an infinity sign, that said, “Forever”. It has a really small band, so its sort of a choker. One was silver and the other was gold. I also got a set of 4 rings. Each ring had a letter that spelled L-O-V-E.

The next place we went was Dairy Queen. I know its not really a “store” but I love the Orange Julius’s. My favourite is strawberry banana.

Thank you guys so much for reading! I’ve also read all of your guys comments. Thanks for all the support but I was asked if I had a social media account where you could see behind the scenes pictures and lots of other cool stuff. Me, being a big fan of Intsagram I decided to make one for the blog! I’ll do Q&A’s and lots of other cool stuff for you guys. (Possibly even Give-Aways!). Anyway, the Username for that profile is afewofmyfavthings7! I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!


Monthly Favourites!


Hi everybody app herunterladen ohne apple id! So since yesterday was the last day of March, I thought I would upload something I’ve never done before. I’ve decided to do Monthly Favourites access 2016 herunterladen! So, every month I’ll tell you guys things I’ve been loving. I’ll be showing you guys 5 things that I’ve been enjoying this past month download ting software. Or more depending on how much new stuff I’ve tried. I’ll show you stuff  that’s Fashion, Books, or anything else. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing I want to mention is a book called “Girl Online” herunterladen. The book is by Zoe Sugg or “Zoella” on YouTube. The main characters name is Penny and she has an anonymous blog. I wont spoil but she gets cyberbullied, and the whole book is how she overcomes the not so great attention sim city kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip. Its a really good read and an easy book to get back into reading. I got out of the habit of reading, but when I read this book it made me want to read more bulgarian tastatur herunterladen. Its about 1000 pages, but its really not that intense.

Another thing I want to mention is a store I’ve been loving. This store is called Sephora Download airplay for free. They actually have one in my local mall which is pretty cool. I love the wide selection they have and how friendly and helpful the staff are. They have really great products and things  haven’t seen anywhere else windows 10 store cannot download. Its a really nice environment, and even though they sell nail polish and have lots of testers, it doesn’t smell of chemicals. That’s also another thing I like about it wo kann ich office 365 downloaden. They have lots of testers, so you can try things to make sure you like it before you buy it.

The next thing I have been loving is smoothies. These are perfect for the morning, and they taste really nice gta 5 kostenlos spielen ohne download. What I do is I’ll throw any frozen fruit, with yogurt, orange juice, and bananas into my Nutri-Bullet. I’ll then pour it into a tall cup with a lid so I can take it all around with me. Its perfect for getting up in the morning, and its really healthy and nutritious. Also let me know in the comments below if you want to see a smoothie recipe some time soon.

The next thing I’d like to mention is a fashion item. The store I got it from is called Suzy Shier. In Canada especially where I live, there’s lots of snow and the wind is freezing. All you have to do is turn on a Canadian weather station, and you’ll practically freeze wherever you are. Anyway, to help me “survive” this winter I needed a winter coat. I went to Suzy Shier and they had beautiful coats. The one I chose was a bright orange that was almost red, but not quite. Its so soft on the inside and the hood is nice and snug. Its a really good coat, and the colour goes well with my blond hair.

The last major thing I’ve been loving this month is some jewelry. I’ve been loving rings lately as well as necklaces. The rings I’ve been loving aren’t actually the ones I’ve been wearing, but these look really cute and quite similar. These go nicely with every outfit and the gold as well as silver looks really cute and nice together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope you liked hearing about what new things I’ve been loving this month. Make sure to also read my “Top 3 Nail Polishes”. I’ll list 3 top monthly nail polishes and that will be going up soon. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!