Floral, Crochet, Fringing, and Tassels Outfit Ideas!



Hi everybody! This summer/spring floral print, crochet knits, and tassels are going to be huge. Just looking into a high-end store right now, you can defiantly tell that it’s going to be huge this season. So, I thought I’d give you guys some ideas on how to incorporate these items into cute fashion choices. Without further a due, Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit idea is floral shorts with a tasseled kimono. The short I chose were actually in my “Spring Haul”. There navy blue with teal, pink, and light orange flowers. The kimono I chose was a darkish turquoise. The tassels were also turquoise. The top I wore underneath my kimono was a light pink to match the flowers on my shorts. For shoes I went with plain strappy black sandals. For jewelry I didn’t wear any because i thought this outfit was busy enough.

Te next outfit idea is a crocetquet crop-top tank-top with light blue skinny jeans. The skinny jeans I chose were light denim, and we’re slightly frayed on the front. The crop-top I chose was a light grey. It’s had quite a low front as well as a low back, so I chose to wear it with a similar colour bando top. For shoes I chose raspberry coloured flip-flops. For jewelry I chose raspberry bangles and a gold necklace with a raspberry coloured pendant.

The next outfit idea is floral t-shirt, skater skirt, and a fringed bag. The floral t-shirt I chose was simple with a cream front and small pastel flowers. the skated skirt I chose was also cream. It’s was cream pleather. The fringed bag a chose was brown with a long strap that went across the body. It was relatively small, with one large pocket in the middle. It has long fringed pieces coming down the front, and back of the purse. I chose I long thin double gold chain for a necklace, and for my wrists I wore a few gold bangles. For shoes I thought it looked cute with small light grey flats.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope it gave you some ideas and inspiration for some cute spring outfits. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

More Spring Outfit Ideas!


Hi everybody! So today I thought I would give you guys more spring outfit ideas. Seeing all the American style culture has inspired me to do more fashion posts.(As its my least used category). So, without further a due. Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit idea is a black maxi dress with pink and blue pastel feather print, a black large brimmed hat, black flats, and a cream, blue, and brown bag. All of the hardware on the bag is brown leather. It has small beaded detail creating a triangle around the top of the bag. The dress is a maxi dress so it hoes all the way to the floor. The hat is a beach hat with a large brim. I have chose to go with no jewelry, because I didn’t want to take away from the feathered print.

The next outfit idea is a white tank top, a black and white contemporary skirt with gold designs, and a dark denim jacket. The tank top I chose was super soft. The reason I picked the jacket that I did was because of the price and the material. The price was great at 19.99$! The material is crazy soft on the inside, as it’s the kind of fabric that would keep you warm when it gets chilly at night. The skirt has white down the middle with black squares coming in at the sides. On the white, the print is small black beetle-bugs. On the black side it’s white tribal print alternating between big and small. The necklace I chose to wear with this outfit was a thin, long gold chain with a gold feather pendant. On top of that I also wore a black choker at the top of my neck.

The next outfit idea is a orange jumpsuit, a gold belt, and heeled black ankle boots. With jumpsuits, it’s really had to find one that fits. You need to remember the waist length, the leg length, the torso length, and the sleeve length. This particular jumpsuit, doesn’t have any sleeves as it’s a tank top suit. The shoes I chose were almost the same style as gladiator sandals. Thy have the same cutouts on the top. The belt I chose also had similar triangular cutouts. The belt tied it in at the waist to give it more shape.

Thank you guys so much for reading! I really hope this post has benefited you. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Spring Outfit Ideas!


Hi everybody! I hope your all having a great weekend! Today, I wanted to talk about some outfit ideas for spring fashion. Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer weather. Since I’m in America I’ve seen lots of really cool pieces of clothing. Today I wanted to show you guys ways to pair up all the new fashion choices. Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit idea is a floral pleather jacket, on top of a black and striped high neck tank top, with a lace maxi skirt. The jacket I chose was a black colour with pink, peach, light blue, and emerald flowers. The print has clusters of all the different flowers together. The tank top I chose to put underneath is a high waisted tank top. That means you show only a small strip of your stomach. It also has a roll neck, which makes you look taller. The maki skirt I chose was shear, with a shorter white skirt underlay. The shoes I would pair with this would be weaved wedges. If you wanted to you could also wear a necklace. Make sure your necklace isn’t a large statement. A thin long chain or gold choker works best with a mixture of prints, like this outfit.

The next outfit idea is long baggy floral pants, with a blue v-neck crop top. The pants I chose were black with green, red, and orange flowers. The tank top is a nice colour that matches well with the other colours in the pants. For shoes I went for black flat flip-flops. Minimal jewelry looks best with this outfit.

The next outfit idea is a burgundy romper, brown ankle boots, a lace bag, and a turquoise statement necklace. The romper I chose has small detailed tribal print going up the sides and front. The shorts are short-shorts, so they are well above the knee. The ankle boots I chose have a small heel, and small cutouts near the top of the shoe. The lace bag has small flowers which pair nicely with the tribal print on the romper. The turquoise necklace has long rectangular pieces hanging down in a “shortest to longest” layout.

The last outfit idea is light denim shorts, a black and white tribal bando top, black gladiator sandals, and a black short sleeved over-sized cardigan. The denim shorts are frayed on the front of the shorts. They are also short shorts that go slightly above the knee. The bando top has similar detailing to the romper, except it has horizontal detailing. The gladiator sandals only go up to the ankle rather then up to the knee. The over sized cardigan can be knotted together in the middle to create a more later back look. As far as jewelry goes you don’t want anything that will take away from the center piece (which is the bando top). A long chain with a glow-stick shaped pendant I found, looked really nice.

All of these outfit are super layer back and look great all on there own. So, for any hair style you might want to do, beachy loose waves, or a messy top bun look best with these outfits. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do a hair ideas post. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Warm Weather Outfit Ideas!


Hi everybody! So today I thought I would give you guys some ideas for when the weather gets a bit warmer. Winters almost over, and I thought I’d give you some inspiration. Also where I’m going is hot, so I have lots of ideas. Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit idea is floral shorts and matching tank-top. The floral pants I got were navy with teal, pink, ad orange flowers. To pair with this outfit I went for a thin long gold chain. For shoes I chose to wear light leather sandals. If you can find sandals with gold buckles get those, so it ties together with your necklace.

The next outfit idea is a floral high waisted skater skirt and a pin striped crop-top. Having a crop-top and a high waisted skirt together is really flattering. It only shows a small amount of waist which is a great way to show off your shape. The crop-top I chose has a high neck, which can make you look taller. It has black and white stripes. The skater skirt I chose is an off white colour with yellow small flowers. Together these two items will look really girly and cute.

The last outfit idea is a sundress with a large belt, white pleather sandals, and large earings. The sundress I chose is orange with little white dots. Then I found flip-flops with a strap on the back for support. To tie the outfit together I paired it with large gold rounded triangle earings.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope it gave you a few ideas for some cute outfits to wear when the weather gets warmer. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

Spring Haul!


Hi everybody! So as you all know, I’m going away to some place really hot. Where I currently live it’s quite cold, so I had an excuse to go shopping. These cloths are great for spring and warm/hot weather. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing I got was floral shorts. I got these at Old Navy. The first pair I got were navy with teal, pink, and light orange flowers. The fit really nicely and the material is firm. They have large pockets, which is always a bonus. The next pair of shorts I got were white with yellow cherry blossoms coming of a brown branch. They aren’t a bright white, but more of an off white. Just like the other pair, they fit well and the materials firm. What I also really like about these shorts is they come in a variety of leg lengths. If your a bit more shy like me then they have all the way down to the knee, or if you feel you can rock shorter shorts they have that length as well. Then to match my shorts, I got some t-shirts in the same colours as the flowers.

The next place I went to us Adidas. I only bought one thing in Adidas, and that was shoes. When you go on a trip you tend to walk a lot for sight seeing, going to a beach, or just strolling around. That means you need quality shoes. I find Adidas has really great sandals this season so I bought some of there flip-flops. The flip-flops I bought were navy, pink and white to match most of the cloths I bought.

The next place I went to was Ardenes. At Ardenes They had a sale on for t-shirts. I bought 10 of them since they were such a great price. The ones I bought were 2 plain white shirts, 1 teal, 1 pink, 1 yellow, 2 cream,1 beige, 1 orange, and 1 light blue. The reason i bought these t-shirts was that they were really soft, and such a great price. With t-shirts its nice to have a few, because they get ruined so easily.

The last place I went to was Target. Target didn’t have a great clothing selection out, but there accessories were great. I got a set of 3 silver necklaces. They are all different lengths, and each has a pendant with a different inspirational quote. Then I got a set of 3 rings. One is a bow, one is a fake diamond, and the last one says,”love” in cursive along the bridge of the ring. The last item I got was a bag. The bag I got was a small black and white floral purse. It has a cross strap for you to place it across your shoulder. It has a zip compartment in the front with card holders. Then a middle section that’s just open, and a back section that has a coin slot.

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope this have you some inspiration for a few things to purchase in spring. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!


Dinner And A Movie Outfit Ideas!

Hi everybody! So today I thought I would give you guys some ideas for dinner and a movie. Obviously you can use these outfit ideas for a party, a get together with friends, or just dressing up to do something nice. These outfit ideas are both comfy and cute so when you eat dinner you look stylish and when you nestle down for the movie you can get nice and cozy. Hope you enjoy!


The first outfit idea is a lace crop-top and a skater skirt. The crop-top I have chosen is a black pleather one. Pleather is fake leather made out of plastic. The lace crop-top has a bando top and then a lace covering. It has really cute sleeves, that hang really nicely on any body shape. I paired this with cute black pleather flats. You can also wear white flats to balance the two colours out. Then, if you wanted to wear jewelry with this outfit the jewelry should be very minimal. Wearing a long gold thin chain looked really nice with the lace on the crop-top so that’s what I paired it with.


The last outfit ideas is a comfy long t-shirt/ dress with cozy leggings. For this outfit I have chosen a red dress so it looks more glamorous. You could also wear another colour if you find that red doesn’t suit you. Then I found tights that look like normal tights but on the inside they have fuzzy wool. I decided not to wear leggings, but it all depends on the weather where you live. This outfit could go great with a belt to give you a bit more shape, and also I’ve been loving statement necklaces lately so you can defiantly add one of those.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. This will be the last regular post for the few weeks. As I said in my clover cookies post, Ièll try to upload when I can. I’ll se you guys again as soon as I can. Bye!

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas!


Hi everybody! So today I thought I would give you guys some ideas for Valentines Day. If your having a party or you just want some ideas for something to wear during the Valentines Day season, these outfit ideas are for you. Also I’ll try to give you the store each item is from, but if I cant remember, there is this awesome app. The app is called the Hunt. Take a screen-shot of something that you like and then upload it. Millions of people will be able to give you places to buy that item or something similar. I find it really easy to use and you can also finds places to get your item for a better price. The best thing about the app is that it is completely free. Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit is a sweater with cute pants. The sweater I have chosen is a light pink sweater white knitted hearts. The material is super soft, and the hearts are a different, even softer material. I decided to pair this with white jeans. These jeans are from Top Shop and the material on the inside is seamless, so its not scratchy. For shoes you could wear white flats or the same light pink as your sweater. I chose to go for light pink as it added a bit more colour. I recommend not wearing any jewelry on your wrists as it might be a bit too much on the outfit. You could wear a necklace, to add a bit of girly-ness. I recommend nothing to big for your necklace, so maybe something small and thin.


The last outfit idea is a dress with cute shoes. The dress I chose was simple and flowy. Flowy dresses fit many figures, as they hang quite nicely on any shoulder type. This particular dress came with a belt that was thin and the same colour. You shouldn’t wear any jewelry at all, as the dress is statement enough. For shoes, you should wear something a bit more subtle so you don’t take any “wow” away from the dress. White or black flats would pair nicely with this outfit.

New Years Eve Ideas!

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New years eve is a special night when you get to say goodbye to one year and get to say hello to another one. New years eve is all about getting comfy, sitting on your sofa and watching the ball drop at midnight. So, today I will give you 3 Different amazingly comfortable and stylish outfits to wear on New Years Eve. Hope you enjoy!

So our first outfit is a loose over sized off-white sweater that I got from Areopostale. Then some black leggings from Costco made by the brand Dalia. Then some silver rings. For shoes wear black booties, or slim fit black sneakers. Then to top it all of with a little bit of glam wear a white knitted beanie that is relevantly similar to your sweater in design and colour.

Our Second outfit is a long flowy maxi-dress that’s red. Pair this dress with long black nee high socks and cute simple black flats . Let your jewelry be the statement  with this festive attire, so add a silvery skinny neck chain with a large silver piece to add  touch of fun to this outfit.

The last outfit of the night is simple and it has a plain-Jane feel to it but it still looks great for a casual get together.  Wear a fitted t-shirt that’s red, grey, gold, or green. These colours are known as Christmasy New Year cloths colours. Pair your shirt with simple black pants or dark  jeans. It may sound simple but it is really comfy and it will definatly make your night that much more enjoyable.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as I worked very hard on it. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and best wishes to you and your family for a happy New Year. Thanks for reading I’ll see you guys again soon! Bye!