Create Your Nail Polish!


Hi everybody fortnite kostenlos deutsch! So today I thought I would teach you guys how to make your own nail polish. Sometimes if you’ve found the perfect outfit its almost impossible to find the perfect nail colour to match lustige bilder und videos kostenlos downloaden. Creating your own nail polish is the perfect way to make your own shear polish, tinted topcoat, pigmented shade, or full colour hue. Its super easy to create any of those styles and all you need is 3 things psn again. Also if you have a palette with more then one colour you can mix them together to create a more shinny polish or even a matte finish. Hope you enjoy gopro videoen!

The first thing you need is eye shadow in the colour you want your polish to be. Make sure you always chose your eye shadow one shade darker, as some pigment will get lost in the polish internetseite komplett herunterladen. The next thing you need is a topcoat. Make sure you get one that says extra strength so it can hold your eye shadow pigment well. The next thing you need is a tooth-pick for pushing the eye shadow into the bottle herunterladen. The last thing you need is a Nail Polish Funnel. You can find these at most drugstores.

Step One: Put the funnel in the top of your top coat.

Step Two: Take your eye shadow and using the tooth pick scrape some of the pigment into the bottle wie kann man amazon prime video herunterladen. Judging by what kind of finish you’d like only put in a little if you want a shear polish, and put in a ton if you want a full colour hue. Scale yours between those two measurements netflix herunterladen anzahl. Then shake up the bottle to make sure the pigment covers the whole bottle. Then your finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope it gave you guys some ideas for something fun to do gratis simulationen downloaden. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

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