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Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY In short, I finally got on set. Tari followed Aldi to the parking lot. He received the helmet that was given to him. Plus I remember Peter`s face, which seemed to hold his anger Yes his new wedding arrangement of Mrs. Mia Chuzaimah . Good story, thank you. Especially the first 👍👍 Er Mbak both writers are also cool ya mbk doing his writing 🙂 Greetings the same mbk Mia was deleted by the author, because the sequel is in the novel mbka 🙂 “No! No way. I was in pain when I was at school, where there was a group of girls with gangs who liked to harass, and that`s what I got. Yet I was Abigail, the girl who was by no means joyful and who never gave up fighting for her life. Although I was harassed over and over again, I got up to challenge them all, even though they ended up winning. Of course, there is money and power. But I learned one thing from all of this.

Never give up on accomplishing what I want, despite the many challenges I face, and I am always grateful for what I have. You don`t have to feel jealous of people who have something more. Because one day, the wheel can turn where you can be up, and I`m down, and when it turns, I`m up, and you`re down. This is what it is about in the destiny of life,” Abigail said in detail. Aldi understands Tari`s current condition. “Okay,” he replied in silence. “How about a vacation later, we`re going to Indonesia together…?” suggested Gabe. “It`s a good idea, Brother Gabe… but Dominic would certainly not agree. After saying that sentence, Abigail recognized something. Hmm…

It doesn`t matter if I call you brothers…? Of course I`m fine. Melati called us all the brothers. Erick then answered Abigail`s question: “But are you also going to call Dominic by his brother`s call?” He asked again. Bian noticed there was a suitcase in the living room. Who`s coming? Ask Bian. Are Pakde and Pakde back? “The plant has just been planted by Dominic. If we water it directly with a large amount of water, it will damage the plant. Dominic has a sign of agreement. Then he let the woman continue to water the newly planted plant. “Abigail… Are you happy to be in this place…? Dominic asked after a moment of silence. Why would you ask me? Of course I`m happy.

Do you know why? This is because this place is beautiful and reminds me of my hometown when I lived with my mother in a small house. “I`m sorry,” Tari said, wiping away tears. “It`s so boring.” “I did it. I don`t want to talk about it anymore. I have to change my costume?!.. I`m 19. And thanks to Elena`s stupidity, I can eat her food! “I don`t think so. For now, I`m not going to call it that. But maybe after Dominic and I get divorced, I`ll call you a big brother. I agree with you,” Gabe said later, “if they had ever talked about a holiday in Indonesia. Then he turned to Dominic and said. “Dude… They would agree if we take Abigail too, if we go to Indonesia to see Melati… It`s up to you,” Dominic replied flatly. .

Cerbungnya has been removed the author seems mbk, basrusan I check has been deleted 🙂 Tari opens the helmet and lets the wind hit the wet face with tears. He`s tired of having it all. Tired of constant grief. Tired of waiting for her husband to change. Tired of being the only one trying to be alone.