Buying House Caretaker Agreement

Unfortunately, the capacity to do so is very limited (due to lack of transition funding). Without exception, banks require that the first mortgage (for the house you are selling) be fully discharged before the funds are released for the purchase of the second home. This is not a scam. A concierge contract is a contract for which the rent is paid for a period of occupancy, but the rent is not a market rent, but a lower figure based on certain other services, typically provided that substantial improvements are made, but sometimes on the basis of a sale. Secondly, you can enter the new property with a concierge agreement while waiting for both your load shedding credits and the issuance of your mortgages. This would require the seller of your new home to agree to enter into such an agreement. This is done on “Accountable Trust Receipt”. First, you could benefit from transitional financing so you can complete the purchase, while the funds that unload the mortgage on your first home become free.