Monthly Favourites!


Hi everybody! So since yesterday was the last day of March, I thought I would upload something I’ve never done before. I’ve decided to do Monthly Favourites! So, every month I’ll tell you guys things I’ve been loving. I’ll be showing you guys 5 things that I’ve been enjoying this past month. Or more depending on how much new stuff I’ve tried. I’ll show you stuff  that’s Fashion, Books, or anything else. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing I want to mention is a book called “Girl Online”. The book is by Zoe Sugg or “Zoella” on YouTube. The main characters name is Penny and she has an anonymous blog. I wont spoil but she gets cyberbullied, and the whole book is how she overcomes the not so great attention. Its a really good read and an easy book to get back into reading. I got out of the habit of reading, but when I read this book it made me want to read more. Its about 1000 pages, but its really not that intense.

Another thing I want to mention is a store I’ve been loving. This store is called Sephora. They actually have one in my local mall which is pretty cool. I love the wide selection they have and how friendly and helpful the staff are. They have really great products and things  haven’t seen anywhere else. Its a really nice environment, and even though they sell nail polish and have lots of testers, it doesn’t smell of chemicals. That’s also another thing I like about it. They have lots of testers, so you can try things to make sure you like it before you buy it.

The next thing I have been loving is smoothies. These are perfect for the morning, and they taste really nice. What I do is I’ll throw any frozen fruit, with yogurt, orange juice, and bananas into my Nutri-Bullet. I’ll then pour it into a tall cup with a lid so I can take it all around with me. Its perfect for getting up in the morning, and its really healthy and nutritious. Also let me know in the comments below if you want to see a smoothie recipe some time soon.

The next thing I’d like to mention is a fashion item. The store I got it from is called Suzy Shier. In Canada especially where I live, there’s lots of snow and the wind is freezing. All you have to do is turn on a Canadian weather station, and you’ll practically freeze wherever you are. Anyway, to help me “survive” this winter I needed a winter coat. I went to Suzy Shier and they had beautiful coats. The one I chose was a bright orange that was almost red, but not quite. Its so soft on the inside and the hood is nice and snug. Its a really good coat, and the colour goes well with my blond hair.

The last major thing I’ve been loving this month is some jewelry. I’ve been loving rings lately as well as necklaces. The rings I’ve been loving aren’t actually the ones I’ve been wearing, but these look really cute and quite similar. These go nicely with every outfit and the gold as well as silver looks really cute and nice together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope you liked hearing about what new things I’ve been loving this month. Make sure to also read my “Top 3 Nail Polishes”. I’ll list 3 top monthly nail polishes and that will be going up soon. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!




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