Floral Nail Designs!


Hi everybody kostenlose software herunterladen! So in a few days I’m going to a birthday party. They asked to help the other girls do there nails and of course I said yes. I asked them what colour and what design Download itunes titel again. They all said pastel and floral which inspired me to show you guys different ways to make a floral mani. All these nail designs are inspired by the Youtube channel CutePolish psp spiele downloaden deutsch. Also today is Earth Day, so it fit to do something to do with the planets natural beauty. Hope you enjoy!

The first take on a floral design is a washed flower pattern avidemux downloaden. Start by painting your nails a light blue. Then take a purple polish and a peach colour. Make random swatches on your nail. Don’t let them touch and only do 2-3 interneteinstellungen herunterladen. Then taking a small black dotting tool, make a few black dots in the middle to create the seeds. Get a striper and dip in green polish. Make a few leaves on the sides of the flowers icloud bilder auf pc downloaden. To fill in the empty space, add a few gold studs. Add a fast drying topcoat to seal in the design and the studs. There you go!


The next nail design involves temporary tattoos disney + auf samsung tv herunterladen. This is a great technique because you can use it with any temporary tattoo you want. Start by painting your nails a white until there opaque. Then cut your temporary tattoos into the rough shape of your nail tripadvisor herunterladen. Make sure is bigger then your nail, not smaller. Peel off the backing of your tattoo and then completely cover it in rubbing alcohol. Let it soak for about 15 seconds then apply strait to the nail app to download videos. Press it on for 40 seconds or until you can peel the side and the tattoo sticks. Take off the paper and apply a fast dying topcoat. Peel off the possible excess tattoo that may be on your finger fifa manager 13 kostenlosen vollversion. That’s the next design finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys try these. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!



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