Spring Nail Designs!


Hi everybody! So today I thought I would give you guys some ideas for spring nail designs. I been inspired by some awesome people on Instagram, and I have some cute and easy designs. Each of these designs don’t use any nail art tools too. Hope you enjoy!

The first nail design is called “Boarder Nails”. Start by picking out your 2 favourite polish colours. Then paint your nail one colour, as you would for anything else. Then taking your other colour (preferably the darker colour) paint one stoke down the middle of your nail. Then make it look circular. Leave a good amount of the other colour along the sides like shown in the picture. Add a topcoat and then while the topcoat is still wet you can press a metallic stud into the top.

The next nail design is a zig-zag pattern. Start by once again, choosing 2 of your favourite colours. Paint your nails the lightest colour out of the 2. Then let that dry for over an hour. The reason for that is the tape might remove the polish. Having it dry prevents that. Take your tape and cut it into pointy triangles. Place three triangles on the nail and then paint over it wit the other colour. Remove the tape immediately. Apply a top coat when your done to smooth out the two layers.

The last nail design is an easy triangle design. Paint your nails a brassy tope colour. Let that dry for a few minutes. Then take a striper brush, and dip it in white polish. Make a few triangles by doing a small line then the other two. Make them as strait as possible, so it looks like you used a template. Let that completely dry for about an hour and then apply a matte topcoat. My favourite matte topcoat is by Essie. Its called “Matte About You”. It doesn’t leave your nails looking gross, like some matte topcoats can do.

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you guy enjoyed these spring designs. Thank you for all the awesome comments as well. I read all of them and they make me so happy. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!l.

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