April Favourites!


Hi everybody! So today I thought I would mention a few things I’ve been loving in April. I haven’t been loving that much new stuff but I figured I would do it anyway. Hope you enjoy!

The first thing I’ve been loving is a nail polish. The polish is by Pure Ice. Its a beautiful hot pink, but its not too in your face. These polishes don’t have names or numbers that I can see, but there aren’t many colours in the range. Its a great formula and it lasts long without chipping. All nail polishes eventually chip, and when it does it fixes well. When you apply a lite polish to wherever chipped, it blends together well and looks like a new mani.

The next thing I’ve been loving is lip balm. the brand its by is Aquafina. That’s a bottled water brand too, so I was surprised to see they carried lip balm. My friend gave it to me and I absolutely love it. Its a nice consistency that’s really moisturizing but not too sticky. It really coats your lips and seals them in. It soaks in really fast and covers up any blisters and cuts on your lips. My favourite flavour is “Citrus Orange”.

The next thing I’ve been loving is and app. I’m sure your all familiar with it but I thought I’d mention it anyway. The app is called “Crossy Road”. I highly recommend downloading it since its free, so you have nothing to lose. Its really fun and easy to play. My high score is 456.



The next thing I’ve been loving this month is a instrument. Its the guitar. I’ve never been able to play the guitar, and its always been really hard to learn. I played Piano and Flute instead. My mom recently got something to help you learn. Its called cord buddy. You attach it to your guitar and press buttons instead of cords. Once you get used to the sounds and cords your ready to go. It came in the mail in 3 days which is great service. I highly recommend.

untitled163The last thing I’ve been loving is a nail polish. I’ve talked about this plenty times before but its a really good one. Its Essie’s “Penny Talk”. Its a shiny bronze shades that dry’s in seconds. It goes on in one coat and the brush is great. The consistency is perfect and its almost a neutral, but its shiny and so pretty. I highly recommend. For my readers in Canada, my friends told me that you can now buy Essie in the Dollar Store! It might no be true, but that would be awesome. I’ll check it out over the weekend, and let you guys know. Essie’s more expensive so a cheaper version would be great.

Thanks so much for reading.  Sorry that this monthly favourites is a little late this time. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!




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