Back To School Nail Designs!

untitled183Hi everybody! So today I thought I’d give you guys some summer nail designs! I know summers almost over but we still have about a month left. I’ll be getting to some back to school nail art as well later on in the month. But first I have three new cute designs. Hope you enjoy!

So, negative space manis have been all the rage lately so I though I’d put a fun back to school edgy spin on it. Start by applying a base coat and any other strengtheners and growth formulas you may have. For this design you’ll need nail tape. If you don’t have nail tape then you can always use French tip guide. The nail vinyl’s and studs I’ve used are from if your wondering. There having a back to school sale for 30% off so defiantly go check that out. Start applying a base coat. If you base coat is shiny I suggest adding a matte topcoat to make it look like your real nail. Wait for that to dry for about an hour. This is really important because the nail tape will pull up the polish when you peel it off. Apply your vinyl’s however far apart as you’d like. The effect looks best if you use different sized tape. Once you have your tape on then use any shiny black polish to carefully paint over them. Peel them off immediately so the polish doesn’t get sticky and stretch. Add a thin layer of topcoat and press in your stud. Then apply a generous amount of topcoat on top to make sure your stud doesn’t go anywhere. For my ring finger I painted it the same gold colour as the stud, and my pinky and thumb are just black.

untitled184The next design is a girly glitter gradient. Start by applying a basecoat. Then paint your nails a light pink. Its okay if its a bit shear since the glitter is going to cover the tip. Start by taking a generous amount of a rose gold polish and applying on the tip. Then after you finish your not perfect French tip, take a lot of glitter and apply 1/3 of the way up your nail. Keep adding it until the tip is opaque. Then, taking a striping brush add a few small lines gong up in a few different sizes. Add topcoat and that’s it.

untitled185The last back to school nail design is nerd glasses. Start with a basecoat then pain your nails whatever colour you want. I used a light pink. I used water-decals that I found at Dollarstore get a perfect finish. Put your water decals in water and slide off the backing. I applied mine close to the tip but you can place them anywhere you like. Add topcoat right away. This is super cute and easy for school.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I worked really hard on it so make sure to comment and tell me any ideas you have for more back to school posts. I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

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